You're about to give up.

Once upon a time, you gave yourself permission to dream - to think you could be successful doing work you loved; to believe all your goals and aspirations were attainable; to trust that you had a purpose to fulfill on this planet.

Then life happened.

Somewhere along the way, you got stuck. Maybe you didn't know where to start. Maybe you just lost your drive and momentum over time. Regardless of how it happened, you feel like you've hit a wall, and you have no clue what to do next. You know that one more self help book isn't the answer, and you're tired of incomplete solutions that can't seem to rescue your dreams from Fantasyland.

What you don't need is more thinking, reading, and talking about your dreams.

It's time for you to live them.

It's time for you to be a VISIONARY.

Five years ago, I was stuck, frustrated, out of motivation (not to mention hope), and about to give up. I had no clue what to fix or where to start. I just knew life wasn't supposed to feel like that, and something had to change. That was me.

But I did the work. I learned how to get out of that place AND how to create the life of my dreams. From a gorgeous luxury apartment to the most amazing friends I've ever had, from walking a red carpet to meeting my favorite actor in the entire world, I figured out the formula for a magical life - the kind that makes me excited to wake up in the morning. Now, I want to show you how to do the same.

So I created VISIONARY - the course that shows you how to kiss goodbye to the life you have right now and step into the life you've always dreamed about.

Good news for you, friend. It's not too late! If you're still alive and you found yourself on this page, it's still possible for YOU to live your dreams!

No more putting your life on hold endlessly.

No more doubting yourself into procrastination.

No more hitting a wall that leaves you burnt out with a lifetime's supply of fear and guilt.

Everything is about to shift in the right direction.

No matter where you're starting from, this course helps you create a vision for your life and shows you the path to get there. Whether you're a self help junkie or a self help newbie, VISIONARY introduces the life-changing ideas that have worked for the world's most renowned thinkers, leaders, and celebrities.

You don't have to wonder if the future will be better ever again. This time, you're going to make it better. And we're not talking a small barely noticeable adjustment. No, by the time you've completed this experience, you're going to be living the life of your dreams!

I created VISIONARY to make sure you don't miss out on the story you were born to live. With ten power-packed lessons that I personally handcrafted to give you exactly what you need, a constantly-growing premium library of bonus videos to help you through any challenge you might encounter, 24/7 support from yours truly and our incredible online community, and a 100% money back guarantee on your results, the forecast is clear. Things are about to get a whole lot brighter in your world as you become a ...


"Practical, understandable, and yet radically transformative principles that are guaranteed to revolutionize the way you view yourself, others, and the Universe."

- Brandan Robertson, Progressive Christian writer, activist, speaker; author of Nomad


VISIONARY is a dynamic 10-week online course that takes you from the life you currently have to the life you've always dreamed about.

Here's what you can expect when you join the VISIONARY family.

- 10 video lessons that were created, developed, and recorded by me personally to give you everything you need to jumpstart your best life ever

- Lifetime access to every lesson in high quality video and downloadable audio form

- Intensive notes and action step material for each week to make sure you take action and see more results than you ever dreamed were possible

- My #1 rated talk, "Look at the Stars," which you won't be able to find anywhere else online! I choose to make it available exclusively here

- Full access to my premium video library - an always expanding collection of videos that I continually update as part of my guarantee that you won't be able to get stuck in this course unless you choose to be

- Membership in our exclusive access Visionary Facebook Group (this is the only way to get in!)

- Lifetime access to the course - once a visionary, always a visionary!

AND, if you choose ...

- ME, as your very own personal life coach, meeting with you for 10 powerful one-on-one alignment sessions to keep you on track and maximize your experience! It's the best value I've ever been able to offer for my individual coaching

Meet Stephen!

Stephen Lovegrove
Stephen Lovegrove

Hey hey visionaries! My name is Stephen. It rhymes with seven - as in 7/11, both the gas station and the Beyonce song. (Take your pick.)

I'm a fan of Taylor Swift, Disneyland, reality television, and conversations about things that matter. On a typical day in sunny Southern California, you can find me getting work done in a cabana, reading nonfiction while I burn incense, or endlessly making coffee while I manifest new dreams into reality. ;)

I'm proud to be America's Life Coach. I help busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and public figures create a vision for their lives based on their desires and dreams, and then learn how to align with it through powerful actions that produce happiness and fulfillment.

While my life now does resemble a fairytale in many ways (and yes, that's on purpose :D), my story hasn't always looked beautiful on the surface.

I grew up as a gay kid in a fundamentalist cult, which meant I got kicked out of the house as a teenager. When I came out of the closet publicly, I lost nearly everything I had. Why share all this dark stuff on a course info page? Because I want you to know that I understand hard times. I know what it takes to do the work to get to a life that you LOVE, and I only got to my current reality by choosing to be a VISIONARY.

No matter who you are, no matter what you've been told about what you can accomplish, I know you were meant for greatness. It's not an accident that you're here. Everything you dream of is possible for you.

Let me help you finally achieve the life you've always imagined. It's your turn to be a visionary now. :)

Stephen has been featured in:

"Stephen has an incredible ability of seeing the beauty in every soul he encounters. [He] will guide you to be YOU, because in the end, that is what you came here to do."

- Gordana Biernat, Thought Leader and Strategist, Mentor at Classic Insights USA, Workshop Leader and Speaker

This course isn't for everyone, and if you're considering being a part, I want to make sure that it's a perfect fit for you. My goal is not to coerce people into joining who really don't belong here. I'm looking for VISIONARIES, people who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Let me be crystal clear, so you can know 100% if this course is for you.

Who it's for:

- People who are ready to actually start living their dreams, instead of just thinking and talking about them

- People who know they need something more than another self help book, yoga class, or pep talk

- People who are done with procrastination and ready to take action

Who it's not for:

- People who don't actually believe that life can get any better

- People who are looking for excuses to stay right where they are

- People who are completely satisfied with their lives at the moment

You are personally invited to join us!

What will you learn in VISIONARY?

Glad you asked! Here's a full list of each week's lesson & our Premium Video Library:

This course really works! Even if ...

- You're currently working a job you hate

- You have no clue how to get started

- You think you don't have any passion inside you

- You're not sure you know what your purpose is

- You seem to be paralyzed from taking action

- You feel like you have zero motivation left

- You're terrified that you're going to fail

- You think you missed out on the resources and connections other people have

- You have hardly any free time

- You're already a parent, businessperson, or older than you think would be ideal

- You feel completely stuck in your current situation

Benefits You'll Receive From This Course:

- Get crystal clear about your what your purpose is and where your passion lies

- Figure out what dreams are meant to become reality in your life

- Finally move forward and stop being stuck in your current situation

- Test out the metaphysical ideas you've heard about for so long to see if they actually work

- Get your motivation back and figure out how to sustain it

- Push past the fear that's been holding you back and learn how to overcome it

- Explore your desires and discover how to use that information to make magic happen

- Understand the way your life works (and has always worked) in a way that's not overly spiritual, woo woo, or weird

- Stop putting your life on hold and begin taking action

- Get out of the cycle of reading, thinking, and talking about your dreams and step into your breathtaking future

Customize your experience to fit your lifestyle and specific needs!

Option 1 - VISIONARY Course Full Access + Online Community + Individual Coaching

If you select this option, you'll experience the entire course & have Stephen Lovegrove's one-on-one guidance, attention, and support with personalized coaching at ten select points during your enrollment. You'll join the VISIONARY family, receiving all 10 intensive lessons from Stephen in both high quality video and downloadable audio form, plus notes and homework materials, the always current Premium Video Library, and a membership to our exclusive access Visionary Facebook Group. Our best offer gives you immediate lifetime access to the entire VISIONARY course and the Facebook group, as well as 10 premium sessions of coaching, all for just $5000!

I'm ready to become a VISIONARY and have Stephen as my personal life coach!

Option 2 - VISIONARY Course Full Access + Online Community

If you select this option, you'll receive immediate lifetime access to the entire course. You'll join the VISIONARY family, receiving all 10 intensive lessons from Stephen in both high quality video and downloadable audio form, plus notes and homework materials, the always current Premium Video Library, and a membership to our exclusive access Visionary Facebook Group. You'll save if you decide to register for the course today with a one time investment, but we also have great FlexPay options available to ensure you can begin your own VISIONARY story!

Register today!

We have answers to all your questions.

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! Because you have lifetime access, ultimately, you decide when you start and when you finish. That being said, the course is intended to be a 10 week experience. We highly recommend watching one lesson per week for maximum benefit. In our Facebook group, you'll encounter people at all different points in the program, so no matter how quickly you're progressing through the course, there will always be someone ready to chat.
What if my life situation is completely different from Stephen's? Will this stuff still work for me?


This course contains the timeless ideas that have been used for centuries to make dreams come true all over the world.

Stephen's material has produced results for a diverse international audience for years - from suburban moms in small town America to bright-eyed teenagers in developing nations, this stuff is universal and powerful.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Your journey as a VISIONARY never has to end!
What if I change my mind?
We believe our course is a spectacular program, but we fully intend to meet your expectations as a member. If you decide the VISIONARY experience is not right for you, all you have to do is contact us within the first 30 days, and we'll be more than happy to refund your registration.
What if I have another question that isn't answered here?

Our team is more than happy to assist you with any other questions you have!

Please email, and we'll do our best to get your question answered as soon as possible!

"Wise beyond his biological years, Stephen is tuned in to a higher source of wisdom. He articulates it with clarity and compassion, sharing his real-life experiences to make meaningful concepts relatable to a new generation. Now, more than ever, these are tools that we need."

- Ophira Edut, Astrologer for AstroTwins,, Refinery29

What people are saying about Stephen and VISIONARY:

"I started getting connected to everything that makes me happy ever since I found [Stephen.] He helped me sent intentions, and now I'm busy, busy, busy! Stephen helped me open two revenue flows." - Kristy

"Finding you has become one of the biggest blessings of my life. Your spirit, energy, and soul resonate with me. Through your courage, I have gained my own. I'm old enough to be your mother, and yet you are my teacher ... Know that your work is touching lives and you have touched my heart." - Angel

"Stephen is an angel. So thankful for him." - Zach

"Stephen is better than a therapist." - Phil

"You are the reason I'm taking action ... Now I have a new job, and new opportunities are presenting themselves to me!" - SA

"Alignment is freakin AWESOME. Just saying. I feel so much less stressed now. I've already had things start to show up in just a few weeks. My vision boards are happening much quicker than expected! This stuff is really changing my life. I am excited about my dreams for the first time, rather than being scared or overwhelmed by them. I picture 2-5 years out for most of my dreams, but they're starting to come sooner! One door opened, then another, and another!" - Jessica

"The red carpet will never be the same again because of you." - Shelley

Get started now!